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BLND Talk: Musings of A Hungry Creative

This is a talk I did at BLND 2017 - a Design and Business conference hosted by the University of Waterloo.

The actual title is "Musings of a Hungry Creative". It's about the rarely shared struggles of being a creative entrepreneur, and what I learned while trying to navigate them. This is the most honest talk I've given and it was emotionally exhausting preparing it, but I'm happy that it resonated with so many people.

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Design of Everyday Things - Tokyo Edition

Tokyo is an experience designer’s paradise. On my recent trip there, I was amazed by how considerate and intentional the Japanese are with every action, product, service, and process. “How can we make life easier and more enjoyable for everyone?” seems to be the guiding principle in life. I felt it in everything from the perfect weight of a wabi-cha teacup to the incredible efficiency and accessibility of their public transit system.

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Overlap 2016 - In Service

In early June, a group of creatives and changemakers answered a vague invitation to gather in a Minnesota forest. The next few days were full of thought-provoking conversations, honest personal stories, and deep self-reflection. There was laughter, some tears, but most of all a sense of joyful camaraderie amongst kindred spirits. Together, we explored what it means to be "in service", and committed to helping each other find our way (or as Dila proposed, perhaps "there is no way"). 

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Innovation: You're Doing It Wrong

Hackathons and innovation labs have quickly made their way from Silicon Valley into corporate boardrooms, championed by business leaders who realize that they must “innovate or stagnate”. Millions have been invested into initiatives with the intent of creating new technologies, increasing profits, and attracting top talent. Although hackathons and labs are encouraging signs, too often innovation strategy stops here.

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[Betakit] Two Next 36 alumni are tackling the myth of one "magic pill" that kickstarts business innovation

“Innovation” is one of the hot buzzwords for both startups and large enterprises; as customer needs and demands change more quickly, the ability to be agile and proactively offer solutions that meet these demands has become key to survival as a business in 2016. It’s an issue that Chenny Xia and Jessica Fan — two Next 36 alumni — are addressing with Journey, a Toronto-based design consultancy helping large enterprises make innovation part of their client’s DNA. 

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Journey Mapping for Startups

As a spirited young entrepreneur, you are ready to take on the big challenges of the world. As you embark on this new adventure, you find yourself asking,  "how exactly do I uncover user needs?" In my role as a design strategist and startup founder, journey mapping has been an indispensable tool to get into the heads of users and uncover new opportunities.

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