Hello, I’m Jess

Systems changemaker, designer, entrepreneur.


“How can I create positive impact in the world that is meaningful, sustainable, and scalable - in a way that is most authentic to me?” This lifelong question has led me through an unexpected journey of global adventures, creative explorations, human connections, and self-discovery.

With a passion for human-centered design, entrepreneurship, and social innovation, I've founded award-winning companies that have served over a million people worldwide. Now as a systems change consultant at Reos Partners, I help diverse stakeholders learn to trust each other, experiment together, and address our society’s most pressing and deep-rooted challenges.

More about me

At Reos Partners, I am currently running the Emergency Aid Lab (funded by the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation) - helping US colleges design programs to keep their most at-risk students in school, and scale training across the country.

Previously, I was a founding partner of Journey CX - a consultancy enabling organizations to foster innovation culture from within. I’ve had the pleasure of working with clients including RBC, CIBC, and Telus. I am also the co-founder of Penyo Pal and SnapLingo - award-winning education technology companies serving over 1 million users worldwide. I began my journey designing digital and service experiences at Google, Adaptive Path, and Vision Critical.

As a global nomad, I have built teams in Beijing, San Francisco, and Toronto, leading projects in industries ranging from finance, consumer technology, international development, to sustainable agriculture. 

I am an active speaker, educator, and graphic recorder, and am honoured to have been featured by Forbes, National Post, Techvibes, and Betakit. 

Companies I've worked with

Some things I’ve done

  • EDU "Best New Startup" Award

  • CIX "Canada's Top 20 Innovative Companies"

  • Named one of Canada's Next 36 High Impact Leaders

  • Human-Centred Design Grant

  • International D&AD Yellow Pencil Finalist - Digital Design

  • Beijing Design Week Sustainability Award

  • HUB Ventures "Tech For Good" Startup Weekend - Grand Prize

  • Published co-author in Biotechnology Progress - Stem cell bioreactor expansion research

  • F-Stop Featured Travel Photographer

Selected press